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Utmost protection, is guaranteed for every Swicade sheet, thanks to our processing system. It's medium and high density layers of plywood ensure better bonding.
Each and every piece of log of class I Durable Hardwood Timber is personally inspected for suitability and imported from virgin forests nationwide.
The plywood is treated with high grade chemicals to enhance the life of the wood and keeps it safe from rodents, insects and termites.


Architectural Hardware

Architectural Hardware plays an important role in every type of construction. Whether it is for residential or commercial purpose, every infrastructure is incomplete without Architectural Hardware. Hence, keeping the intense need of quality Architectural Hardware in mind, we have been offering a complete array of Architectural Hardware, to our customers.
We offer a wide range of Swicade architectural hardware that is preferred by a large number of our customers especially corporates and large construction companies. The design of our hardware is very unique and keeps updating continuously with the changing trends in the home design. 



At Swicade, our vision is to eventually lead the league of laminate manufacturers of India and sprawl operations overseas in order to become a truly global brand with an international clientele and expertise by offering quality products and services at competitive costs combining with our intellectual trade resources. The array of company's expertise products with vast range of choices in terms of patterns, structures and colours can be listed under; Texture Series, SF Series, Hi Gloss Series and Digital Collection. All our products match to the exacting requirements of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Our products are available in 2440x1220mm and 2800x1300mm sizes and thickness ranging from 0.50mm to 1.5mm.With a range of over 500 designs to choose from, and with over 30 special textures apart from the glossy, matt and suede finishes, Swicade has just the right product to suit your taste, need and price requirements. 


Home Décor

Swicade apart from offering the best quality structural hardware, Swicade also offers a wide range of products to decorate and beautify your home.
Indeed, homes have to be strong and long lasting but it also has to be aesthetically very soothing and beautiful. Swicade does a proper research on design trends and provides the latest décor ad on solutions for your home.
Swicade offers décor elements like highlighter tiles, MDF wall panels, wall accessories and more.  


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